Planes, Trains and Automobiles

When I last updated you we were planing a few things, well we did it! And as the title of this update says we used several modes of transport to get us on our trip.  There were a few planning things we had to consider, firstly Simons treatment, being on chemo on alternate weeks we had to ask his Oncologist if we could delay one of the weeks.  Then pick a destination and go from there.

Firstly, train to London for an overnight stay, then we flew to Edinburgh, then picked up a car……… with most of our holidays there were hiccups in the organisation, train strikes and alike but we got there.  Our final destination was Luss, on the banks of Loch Lomand.  I have to say we found a little bit of heaven and the weather was unbelievable.


The photo is of our hotel. We used our time well, boat trips, sightseeing, driving around the beautiful Scottish countryside as well as catching up with family.


I can’t tell you how great it was to get away, feel normal and not have cancer as the main topic of the day.  We felt normal, were a normal couple on holiday.  There were several things ticked off on this trip:

  • Getting away
  • Flying, we both love flying, with Simon being diagnosed with blood clots earlier this year we thought this was not possible.
  • Scotland, we loved our last visit to Scotland.
  • Caledonian Sleeper,  one of Simons list of things to do.  This was AMAZING!

It showed us that with a bit of planning we can get away.

Introducing Conrad

So after our trip away we knew we had something to look forward to when we got home and that was Conrad……… who is he?  Well let me introduce you.


Following our motorhome holiday earlier this year we fell in love with the freedom a home on wheels and decided to treat ourselves.  This gives us freedom to not have trips away but actually day trips.  So with the weather not exactly being on our side we have taken the van out for days, lunches, cups of tea and days by the sea.  We know that in the coming months this is something we can use to get away and just have adventures. So be prepared for news of our trips.

All in all things are ticking a long,  Simons health remains the focus of our lives,  we have the next scan at the end of this month and so that is another hurdle to face.  Both of us are struggling at times with the enormity of “the future”, it is difficult to explain but unless you have walked a step in our shoes the I am sorry you are not qualified to comment……… its amazing that people do, whether its because they do not want to really listen, cannot cope with the subject or whatever………. just please refrain from saying “just get on with living” as that really gets my goat……

Thats us for now,  TTFN and onwards and upwards Mr C


Looking for the manual…..


Family ties and when new life brings hope.


  1. Jennie

    Loving “Conrad” where did that name come from ?
    Lots of pubs let you park free overnight if you buy a meal there.
    Thinking of you both 💗💙
    So glad you enjoyed Luss, it’s sooooo peaceful there !
    Your pictures were great.

    • Ali

      Thank Jennie, Conrad is named after Pete Conrad, Simons favourite astronaut! We have enjoyed our day trips in him, looking at possibly going away for New Year, we like the look of Cofton near Starcross. Hope you are ok xx

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