Sun, sea and a motorhome

We are back from our week away, a week that has gone so quickly and we are sad it’s over.

We loved our motorhome adventure, and got into campsite life really quickly. Staying in St Ives, Weymouth, Charmouth and Dartmouth. We had the freedom of the road and loved every moment.

Simon got the measure of the motorhome really quickly and as his co-driver I didn’t get a look in! Anyway, as Co-driver my main role was “hedge watch” and letting the main driver know when the road was slightly narrower than our MH.

Since starting this blog we have told our story through Simons cancer treatment, and in that time we have not had a lot of fun, however this week we have smiled, laughed and generally enjoyed ourselves.

There were times when we talked about things, Simons anxiety at times took him over but we did what we wanted, worked through those moments.

Simon loves the sea and so our week away consisted of boat trips, sitting on beaches, and relaxing And generally being near the water.

We saw new places, made memories, and had time together.

I couldn’t have asked for more, we will be planning more trips away, we needed the break and we got that.

Onwards and upwards Captain Cowls



Down the rabbit hole……


The longest day……


  1. Pauline

    So glad you had such a fab time and the weather was kind to you. Xxx

  2. Steve Boot

    To the water it is the hour or, as the French might say “A l’eau cest l’heur” (now read that again with an outrageous French accent). We are so pleased to read that you had such a lovely time and we look forward to a proper catch up soon. Steve and Marie xx
    PS. You need to change the pork pie hat for a proper Captain’s one (I have always said you are the Captain of your ship and I know that Admiral Ali agrees). 🛳️👍

  3. So glad you had a good time. Make sure you get those next trips booked. Thinking of you both xxx

  4. Jennie wills

    Welcome to our world of Moho,ing. So glad you had a great time, just what you two needed. Now kick cancers butt, as always thinking of you both. Jen xxx

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