Rugby, cycle 11 (28) and greenhouses

Following our disastrous Easter weekend we found our week picking up. Simon was getting better, the weeks delay in his chemo had really made a difference to him. We then got the opportunity of a treat, or rather I did and dragged himself a long. I haven’t really talked about families much in these blogs, but I love ours, they have been a constant support, have been there for us and occasionally offer treats. One of my nephews is a physio for Harlequins rugby and they just happened to be playing one of our local teams, the magnificent Exeter Chiefs (sorry Chris!) and WE GOT TICKETS!

So here we are enjoying a day out, even though it was bloody freezing!

It seemed a far cry from the previous weekend when I was quite honestly feeling helpless that things had not paned out as we had hoped.

Anyway, The Chiefs beat the Quins in a great match, two points in it and my loyalties to Exeter were tested with a certain Physio working pitch-side and spending a bit of time on the pitch.

Simon has today got back onto the chemo treadmill, so 6 hours in hospital receiving treatment and will for the next 48hrs be attached to a pump. He is certainly not feeling the love for it all tonight. We will head down get through this week, we have next CT results which in itself brings a whole lot of anxieties.

I go through cycles of handling things and the life we have been dealt to feeling totally helpless and the darkness follows me around. We both have the pressure of work that pulls us both into its clutches and everything else. So we both need places where we can retreat, mine is my greenhouse, it’s a place I go to, put the radio on and do stuff!

As you can see I have been out here a lot! I’m quite impressed with my little greenhouse but now I need to start getting this little lot into the garden and the battle with slugs will begin. The garden is something we both enjoy, Simon is slightly obsessive about getting the grass looking right, and loves seeing the stripes on it when it’s mowed.

So that’s our life this week, we have a long weekend ahead of us being the Bank Holiday. As ever onward and upwards.



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  1. Steve Boot

    So pleased to hear you had a better week after the trials of Easter (and a good win for the Chiefs to boot). Our thoughts are with you more than ever and we are sending positive vibes for good news following this next scan. Loving the greenhouse by the way. Also, now can’t get rid of the picture in my head of OCD Simon manicuring the lawn with a small pair of scissors. Keep on fighting my friends. Steve and Marie xx

  2. Pauline

    So pleased he had a good week and was able to build up his strength in preparation for the next round of chemo. Keeping everything crossed for a good CT result. Xxx

  3. Jennie Wills

    Keep going matey, we are all here fighting for you behind you all the way. Xxx

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