Post Easter (part 2)

What a week! What else can I say.

Last weekend was a scare and a big one for the pair of us, but as always Simon has bounced back, not fully recovered but we are getting there.

So when I last wrote Simon was in hospital and he continued to be so until Tuesday. Sunday he doesn’t really remember a lot of, but then he slept most of the day. But I remember every second of it!

Monday I was sent a list…… “things I need”, now Simon likes a list and so I knew I had to remember everything he wanted/needed. No pressure there then. Pillow, socks, slippers, dressing gown, t- shirts, short sleeved shirt……. and so it went on. So off I went with my “packed full” bag on wheels, pillow under my arm. It was a relief to see him looking slightly better, and that he had eaten.

The drivers for Simon going home was temp back to normal, blood pressure and heart rate back to within normal limits, these through Monday all starting to return to normal and stay there as well.

Tuesday we made our escape and it was great to get him home, chemo is delayed by a week but actually that is better for Simon and gives him a break for a week. For the rest of the week we have had time at home together and have been for little trips out the house and doing normal things. We have today had Simons three monthly CT scan, these bring with them a heap of anxiety and fear, we have a 10 day wait for the results and to know if the chemo has continued to work. Finger tightly crossed.

Thank you for all the well wishes we have had, we are continually overwhelmed by people.

So we continue as normal, onwards and upwards Mr C.



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  1. Carol Myrtle Hollett

    Fabulous news. Onwards and upwards. So glad he’s home and fingers crossed for the results xxx

  2. Great news and so glad you have got him home. Fingers crossed that all this chemo is working. Thinking of you both xx

  3. Pauline

    Good news that he is back on track Will keep everything crossed for continued improvement and a good result of the CT. Xxx

  4. Jennie Wills

    Great neway so pleased you have had a nice bit of time together, so much deserved too.
    Take care you two xxx

  5. Steve Boot

    Hi you two. So pleased to hear you are both home. Sending positive vibes as always and hoping the extra week’s break in the chemo allows you to catch up on some of the quality time you missed. Catch up soon. Steve and Marie xx

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