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Sorry we haven’t updated for a while, so here is the first of a few posts to go on.

One of the things we have missed is our weekends away, not that we were always travelling somewhere but actually the freedom to say “let’s get away”. We loved our holidays etc and we have missed taking them. We haven’t been able to plan much due to several reasons, Simons treatment regimes, surgery etc has got in the way and also I think we lacked confidence in getting away. Our home has become a place of safety and where we can lock the world out. Work, treatment, home, repeat has been the order of the day.

However, for a weekend in March we escaped the West Country for an invitation that was too good to miss and we went to London.

The reason we went to London was to attend the Royal Albert Hall for the Mountbatten Festival of Music, suited and booted we had an amazing time and I think you will agree Mr C looked great.

The evening was amazing and everything we wanted it to be and a real treat for us.

This was our view from our seats:

So that was our Friday night.

Saturday we decided to embrace London and to be tourists f or a while. So off we went to the Royal Mews, walked the Mall, Trafalgar Square and then onto Covent Garden…… at this point it was as if Simons batteries were removed and he suddenly said he had enough. Being true to himself he would not let me get him into a cab but we went by tube back to the hotel. I’m not quite sure how we got back there but we did. Once back in the hotel he slept for three hours.

We loved our short break but this took it out of him completely and he was really unwell for days afterwards with exhaustion. We will know next time to pace things and give Simon time to recover from the exhaustion.

So that was London……. and the adventure continues


Colds, coughs and clots


Mr Ben, meals out and the Moors


  1. Gill

    How strange Ali. We decided to escape the everyday last weekend. It was my god-daughter’s wedding and all along I had been thinking I wasn’t going to get there – Mr H doesn’t drive due to eyesight problems. Suddenly we thought ‘sod it’ let’s go for it. Managed the drive in just under 3 hours. Gave ourselves plenty of time to get there, with time to rest up before the evening reception. We scrubbed up pretty well, even if I do say so myself, and had the most wonderful evening where very few guests new of my C diagnosis, They didn’t even spot that I’d given ‘wiggins’ an outing. I felt just like any other wedding guest!

    Following day, my cousin and her hubby took us to lunch at a nearby pub and then we visited Avebury to see the standing stones, which were amazing and definitely worth a visit. We were going to go home Sunday morning, but the day dawned sunny and bright and we decided to give our National Trust membership cards their first outing of the year and went to Mottisfont, which has become one of our favourite NT properties. Didn’t have time to do it all, so plenty of scope for a return visit!

    It was the most marvellous weekend. So nice to lift ourselves out of the normal routine and feel like any other ‘NORMAL’ person.

    All the best to both of you – Simon scrubs up pretty well too! Maybe slow it down a bit next time though. I can so identify with the batteries being removed scenario – it creeps up on you so quickly doesn’t it.

    Take care of you both! I know we’ve never met, but feel we have some sort of connection.

    Gill xx

  2. Jennie Wills

    Glad you enjoyed London, it wears me out too.
    You both looked great xxx
    Lit a few candles for you in various church,s round spain.
    Take care xxx

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