Tick tocking through the day

I am sat in my chair next to Simons, five hours in to cycle 6. Lyd Ward at Derriford is set out in bays of 6 recliner chairs, we always choose a chair by the window, not only do you see outside (weather permitting you want to look) but the window open gives you a steady waft of fresh air throughout your day. For a room with six patients and each one with a relative there is a silence like a library and other then the radio playing quietly in the corner you can hear is the tick tocking of the pump drivers, all working to their own rhythm, the tick tocking is broken with the occasional alarm and the nurses come in to change the bags of fluid.

Every time the bag of fluid is changed the same questions are asked, confirmation of name, hospital number and date of birth but today this routine has bought about a different response, why, it’s Simons birthday, and not just any birthday but his 50th. What a way to spend it, however, we had a weekend of family gatherings and cake prior today to ensure this momentous event was not missed.

When I say cake, I mean CAKE!

Though the family were together Simon was not feeling his best, it was always a gamble organising something when he was so far into treatment but we managed it.

So today……

Working our way though the day. Treatment is interspersed with snacks, music and films, the wonder of technology and how it can transform you to another place for a short while.

As I sit here what is staggering is the number of people going though this unit for treatment, all with families sat with them and people like me sitting listening to the tick tocks.

Onwards and upwards my 50yr old Mr C.



Trims, suits and cycle 5(21)


Colds, coughs and clots


  1. Pauline Williams

    Happy birthday Mr C. Sorry you have to have it whilst your in derriford but looks like that cake will keep you going for ages!!! Love the cats on it., it’s brilliant. Doubt there is anything I could do but if there is, you only have to holler!!!!

  2. Mel

    Happy birthday to you. Xx

  3. Angie ellis

    Happy 50th Simon , not the best place for celebrating, adore the cake , I’m am obsessed with all cake 🎂 xxxxxxx

  4. Steve Boot

    Fifty? Blimey Simon, you don’t look a day over 53!
    Sending you best wishes and positive vibes on this special day.
    Steve and Marie xx

  5. Gill

    Happy Birthday Simon. Even though we’ve never met, I feel a connection between you, Ali and me, as we tackle our colons together. I had my 60th some 17 months ago and boy did I have a party (i was diagnosed at 58 so reaching my 60th was a huge ‘achievement’). Celebrate every milestone!

    I’m now out of chemo options. It’s a bit like the flying trapeze with no safety net! Lots of options to look into though!

    More power to your chemo juice Simon!

    Gill x

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