Trims, suits and cycle 5(21)

Here’s the thing around all this madness, and this world that we live in, occasionally normality happens.

Do you remember the saying “a watched kettle never boils” well here’s a new one, “a watched head doesn’t lose its hair”, we knew one of the side effect of this chemo was hair loss. Well it went from, you will lose your hair, to possibly lose your hair, so like the never boiling kettle, like a pair of numpties we have sat and watched. Simons head has been inspected like some monkey and we have gone from “yes you are losing it to no it looks normal”. Don’t get me wrong Simon didn’t care either way if he lost his hair, but it has become better entertainment than watching Dancing on Ice. With all this watching in mind we decided to get his haircut this weekend. Now, Simon being Simon (rolls eyes skywards) he only gets his haircut in one place, Number 8 in Truro, yes that’s 120 mile round trip, however needs must and so Saturday we took the road West.

For someone desperate for a haircut he found the whole thing fab, if a tad tiring and so a snooze mid cut was the order of the day!

Once his thinning but not losing hair was sorted we then went to look at Simons favourite Truro clothiers Trevails, looking to spruce up his wardrobe, and find something for my sisters upcoming wedding we found an outfit that put the best smile on his face that I have seen for a while.

I think you will agree that this is a typical Simon outfit and he looks fab-u-lous!

All this shopping was a welcome break for us and actually felt like we were a normal couple shopping on a Saturday.

Monday came round quick enough and we were thrown back into normality for us and by 9am this morning were making our way to Lyd Ward for number 5 cycle of chemo. If you have never seen anyone go through chemotherapy then you have been very fortunate in your life.

Chemo is for Simon a 6-7 hour appointment where he is systematically given a series of drugs through his picc line with differing side effects that work in different ways. One of the first thing to be administered is piriton (IV), anti sickness and calcium. These have an immediate effect on him, mainly sleep, he goes from talking to sleeping in one very swift move.

He slept like this for a couple of hours, I leave him to go back to work whilst this happens. Once this has settled, and he has woken up he will watch films, read, chat to the amazing nursing staff and generally wait for the bags of drugs to do their thing. He is attached to a pump for the next 48 hrs and generally is able to function normally around bouts of nausea and tiredness.

Number 5 is now underway, after cycle 6 Simon has a CT scan booked, this is going to bring a whole lot of anxiety with it, but until then it’s carry on as we can.

Onwards and upwards



Just rolling with things…. and living!


Tick tocking through the day


  1. HoneyC

    He’s looking fab-u-lous Ali – the hair is obviously not going to go which is great really and the wedding outfit looked very dapper !!! Onwards and upwards guys xxx thinking of you both all the way xx

  2. Pauline

    Wow Simon you looked so dapper in that suit and the haircut is very smart Good luck with the next round of chemo, you and both amazing and such an inspiration!!! 😘😘😘

  3. Jennie Wills

    That’s a cracking photograph of Simon
    Man at C&A has nothing on him ha ha ha xxx πŸ’™πŸ’Ÿ

  4. Steve Boot

    Hey you two. Another great blog post. When we spoke last week Simon, I don’t think you thought you would be getting a haircut at the weekend. I seem to remember we talked about you shaving a spotty head. So, seeing you with a really smart trim made me smile. Marie says she often falls asleep when she gets her hair done! I hope you got the right size trousers to go with that very posh (Rupert Bear) jacket (after what happened to the other trousers!)
    Sending you positive vibes and thinking about you everyday.
    Steve and Marie xx

  5. Deborah Maskell

    Simon you look absolutely amazing in your wedding outfit. From the camera angle the similarities between you and Sarah are very evident. I went to school with Sarah and still miss her cheeky smile. You are an amazing couple who are dealing with this illness together. We are all here to help and support you in anyway we can. Loved the photos of Christmas with you and all of your family. Love to you all xx

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