Just rolling with things…. and living!

So it’s Sunday, there a chill in the day but for once it’s not raining. I would like to say it’s springlike but according to the weather reports there is a beast from the east due this week…… Simon and I both love snow and so the possibility of some of the white stuff being around adds a spring to our step. I hoping I will be able to post snowy pictures and all things white.

We are in the middle of cycle 4, I say in the middle but all the drugs have stopped however the effects are real and the middle weekend of the cycle brings a host of effects, fatigue, skin changes and these few days Simon struggles with the emotional rollercoaster. So we just roll with things and see where things take us.

Yesterday we shopped, had our usual Saturday breakfast in Tavistock and pottered. When fatigued Simon has a plethora of books etc to read…..

In the quiet of a room the world can seem a distant place.

Today post breakfast flourish of activity, whilst the energy levels and weather let him, so between cups of tea and regular sit downs there is a lot to do…..

The cars get a well needed clean, disappointed he started with his and not mine……

Simon has continued to work through this chemo regime, I am staggered by his resolve, concerned that he is doing to much, but above all proud of him every day that he gets up in the morning and gets himself to work. Work is normal, work is keeping life normal.

We have been writing this blog for nearly a year now, in fact it’s coming up for the anniversary of us making our way to Basingstoke. That was a life changing time for both of us which almost seems a life time ago. The blog was and is an outlet for us and somewhere we can give an insight into life with cancer, and life living with someone with cancer. To date 24,000 have read the pages of our ramblings and I thank you for that, thank you for the support and messages as we have meandered our way through this. We have a long way to go and I am thankful to have so many people with us, there are days and nights where we can feel very alone, days we want to be alone, and days we want to live, and we will continue to do that.

So as ever, onwards and upwards Mr C.



Saturdays are for doing …..


Trims, suits and cycle 5(21)


  1. Steve Boot

    Hi you two. So much has happened in the last year we can see why it seems a life time ago. You should both feel proud of the strength you have shown and continue to show. You are truly inspirational. Simon, lunch this week?
    Sending you positive vibes every day!
    Steve and Marie xx

  2. Pauline williams

    As always, reading your blog makes me feel very humble that your resolve to kick this vile disease ‘s arse from here to Kingdom come is so amazing. We all complain about things that, to us are insurmountable, but reading about yours and simon’s journey makes me realise any trials and tribulations we are going through are but minor trivialities by comparison. Keep going Ali and Simon, keep being yourselves and keep blogging. I’m sure you give an amazing amount of hope to people going through similar things and keep the rest of us grounded. You’re both amazing!!!! Xxz

  3. Carol Myrtle Hollett


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