Saturdays are for doing …..

Following on from my earlier post I wanted to show you how we brush ourselves down, kick our own butts and do “stuff”.

We started the day in Tavistock, we love our Saturday morning mooch in Tavi, we do this every week. We had an impromptu coffee with friends we met, thank you Jock and Julia for your company.

We we ventured into Plymouth for a bit of shopping……

Just to prove it’s not just men that suffer shops.

Then we went onto to eat.

It’s no secret we LOVE our food, a quick meal followed by a drive home via Plymouth Hoe.

Then …….

Its all got a bit much, fire lit and fast asleep. Today has been a good day, we have felt positive, even in the drizzle. It’s days like today that we notice things, and we live for today.

It’s is a good day. Tomorrow will be prep for the week as Monday is cycle 4 day, so it’s prepare food for the week, catch up on a bit of work and just be……



Easing into 2019…. spots n’all


Just rolling with things…. and living!


  1. Carol Myrtle Hollett

    Thank you so much for this and so glad you had a good day. Good luck with Cycle 4 xx

  2. Jane Melizan

    Your positivity is astounding. So glad you had such a good day. Good luck for next week’s trial.

  3. Jennie Wills

    Awwww God love you both.good luck next week.
    Thinking of you both xxx💙💗

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