Picc Lines, Pumps and paraphernalia……

Yet again I am writing to you to talk about chemotherapy, and the past week. This has been cycle 1 of a new regime, but really it’s cycle 17 if you take into account this is the third lot of chemo. Where as Simon has previously had infusions and mountains of tablets this time the dreaded chemo is administered via Picc line. We thought this might be cumbersome this has actually worked really well.

The Picc line is fitted easily, and with very little hassle. Picture below is it being fitted.

This will stay in situ for the 12 weeks of chemo, flushed weekly by the lovely nusrses on Lyd Ward

This chemo regime, FolFox, is given over three days; day 1 infusion on the oncology unit, and then Simon is sent home with a pump for the next two days.

I’m not saying my conversation was boring but Simon has a multitude of programmes, films and random documentaries to watch, it passes the time away and ensures Simon drops into his own world and away from the comings and goings of an oncology unit. So for this session the wonders of Deutschland 83, Apollo moon landings and speeches of Tony Benn kept him occupied, thank god for headphones I say!

Side effects of this cycle was always going to be minimal to start with (when compared to 2-6), waves of nausea were the greatest side effect, abdominal pain and Little Simon (his ileostomy)particularly objected to the medication.

Saying this Simon worked from day 3, no matter how rubbish he felt he got up and went in. I think the biggest side effect we have had is when he stopped the dextromethadone (steroids) which he takes to counter the chemo but when they stopped he crashed emotionally and mentally. This is a known side effect and it appears other chemo patients have had the same thing, something to discuss with the oncologist I feel.

So numero uno is done, and for cycle 2 we expect an increase in symptoms and a decrease in hair, so expect to see a shot of random headgear, and so we carry on this bloody battle.

It’s not all been bad though, the house is decorated inside and out as we prepare for Christmas, and we have spent quite a bit of time picking one of our cats out of our Christmas trees, Derek has found a fondness for the front room tree and posed beautifully for me.

So as we move onto cycle 2 and Christmas the fight continues.

Onwards and upwards TTFN


Here we go again……


The life line…..


  1. Pauline williams

    Beautifully written as usual Ali, with humour and empathy. You’re an amazing woman and Simon is strong. My love to you both. Xxx

  2. Jennie Wills

    Yes totally agree with Pauline, keep up the fight Simon, always good to have a good woman behind you. xxx

  3. Steve Boot

    Hey you two. Sending you positive vibes as always. Keep up the good fight Shout if there is anything we can do. Still looking forward to the celebratory drink when this is all over.
    Steve and Marie xx

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