Packing his bag and polishing his shoes……

Well, who would have thought that with everything this year has offered this day would come, the Boss is starting his return to work!

So the Sunday routine has returned and how I forgot what this was like:

  • Shirt ironed
  • Shoes polished
  • Bag (work not stoma!) ready
  • Lunch made
  • ID cards ready
  • It’s a weird feeling, Simon has kept in touch with work, and has ventured in for the odd hour but this milestone is a big one.
  • We are not out of the cancer woods yet by a long way, Simon will have regular checks which start with a CT scan in two weeks and we have an ileostomy reversal to go hopefully before Christmas but today things feel pretty normal, and we will take this feeling and revel in it.
  • As usual, onwards and upwards TTFN
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    1. Pauline williams

      Lovely that at least some form of normality is returning to simon’s life. Get in there Simon!!! Good luck tomorrow. Xx

    2. Jim and Clare

      Excellent news. Well done to both of you (sorry, all of you. Mustn’t forget Little Simon!). Onwards and upwards. Xx

    3. Tracey Bentley

      Good to have you back Simon x

    4. Jennie Wills

      Best new of the day you far today. Chuffed to bits for you both.
      Upwards & Onwards now. Love to you both xxx

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