That’s done then……

So, after 160 days of being in a chemo regime the last tablets have been taken. No fist pumps, no leaping in the air, or sadly no opening a bottle of fizz. Just quiet contemplation.

The side effects will take away to ebb away from Simons body, nausea and extreme tiredness will dog him but day by day we will see him emerge like a hedgehog out of hibernation (just don’t tell him I called him a hedgehog!)

When you come to the end of chemo treatment you do feel slightly lost, since we found out Simons cancer had come back at the end of last year we have had our days and weeks dictated by surgery, recovery and treatment, we do have things ahead of us but we will revel in some “us time” starting with a few days away in Simons favourite place, Cornwall.

We have some appointments ahead of us, surgeon, CT scan end of October, Oncology beginning of November and with a fair wind behind us a trip to Basingstoke to plan on giving “Little Simon” the heave ho!

For now, I will take a few weeks of us time. We will post again from Cornwall and our little trip away. For now the boss is chilling.





Packing his bag and polishing his shoes……


  1. Steve Boot

    Hi Ali, I sent a slightly premature text to Simon last night in my excitement that he had finished the last cycle. Of course, he (you both) need some recovery time. Marie and I send our love and positivity to you both. Hope you’re really able to enjoy Cornwall (the weather will certainly help blow the cobwebs away). Hope to catch up properly when you get back. Steve and Marie xx

    • Ali

      Only we can go away for a few days and a bleeding hurricane is due! Won’t be a cobweb in sight!

  2. Pauline williams

    So pleased you’ve reached the end of your 160 days of chemo. You’ve got a good woman behind you so hopefully you’ll soon be bouncing back Look after yourself Simon and you too Ali. Everyone is willing you on to the winning post!!! Xxx

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