We are entering a final leg of this phase of treatment, cycle 8 we are coming for you and we are ready for all you are going to bring.

It’s always good to add some stats to these things just to see where we are and where we have been. So the title 1904, the number of tablets Simon has taken having chemo, let me break this down:

  • 1120 x capecitabine (chemo)
  • 672 x loperamide (keeping little Simon in check!)
  • 112 x ondansetron

Giving a total of 1904 tablets!

And to assist these were this little lot of alternatives…..

Today was our regular “pre-chemo” appointment, but this one was different, we had a lot of questions and I can say we got our monies worth today, but as always the team were patient , informative and encouraging. Since we found out about Simons recurrence of his cancer last year we have been in the safe hands of surgery, tests and appointments. These act as a strange sort of safety net that takes over your life and you go from one thing to another and have little control over things (but not in a negative way). Today we needed to know what next, we now have a plan, and this is where our next few months take us:

  • oncologist to speak to radiologist over Simons groin pain and to discuss recent scan
  • See the colorectal surgeon in approx four week (Prof Coleman we are back!!)
  • CT Scan at the end of October
  • Simon discussed at the MDT (Mutli Disciplinary Team meeting)
  • See oncology second week of November for scan and MDT results
  • Referred back to Basingstoke of all the above goes well for stoma reversal

With a fair wind behind us, and a touch of luck Little Simon will be reversed before Christmas.

We have to get Simon through the next three weeks but we will. Cycle 7 was a bit of a mare to be honest, Simons fatigue really got the better of him and he spent hours sleeping during the day, the fatigue and the time he has spent on his own has had a detrimental effect of his mental health at times, where a dark fog has crept in and taken him over. This is so hard to see and I have to muster a hard side with him to pull him out of this and make him see this is all worth it.

However, we are not feeling sorry for ourselves, we have a weird and dark sense of humour that keeps us on our toes and we have a life to live.

Cycle 8, your time has come.



The meaning of seven……


That’s done then……


  1. Steve and Marie Boot

    Hey you two. Good to see another informative post; that volume of tablets is staggering. We recognise these posts can be tough to write but they (you) are an inspiration! Fantastic to catch up with Simon and little Simon today and have the opportunity to tell you yo your face how amazing we think you both are. Looking forward to being able to celebrate big Simon’s flatulence by Christmas. 🙂
    As always we are thinking of you and sending you maximum positive thoughts as you kick this last cycle’s ass. Shout if there is anything we can do.
    Steve and Marie xx

  2. Clare

    Almost there. Light at the end of this long and bumpy tunnel. Keep going you inspirational pair, you’re both (all, mustn’t forget Little Simon) doing so well. You’ve done so well to get so far. Jim and I are both looking forward to celebrating Simon’s full recovery with you both again, very soon. Xx

    • Ali

      Would love to arrange. Celebratory night out! I think the Bennett’s haven’t had a party for a long time x

  3. Cath Bissett

    I know a lot of people have said this but you both are truly inspirational. I always read your blogs with an air of trepidation and always feel very emotional after reading them as I so want this to be over for you so that you can live your lives in a happy relaxed way without this dreadful disease hanging over you both and of course your wider family and friends. Good luck for the next few weeks and months. Sending you both love xx

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