The meaning of seven……

There are lots of things that have the number 7 on them or attributes to them:

  • 7 days of the week
  • 7 colours in a rainbow
  • 7 deadly sins
  • 7 dwarfs (with Snow White)
  • There are references to the number 7 in spiritual and scientific worlds too. For us the number 7 means one thing, we are on cycle 7 and that means ONE MORE TO GO! In fact 4 weeks today chemo will have finished.
  • There will be no “high fiving” or yeee haaa’ing, we will take a breath, look at each other and know this part is done, but a big piece done, completed, out of the way.
  • It’s a strange phenomenon that those families going through a cancer fight do not celebrate, leap around or generally get euphoric over these milestones, we move to the next one. So excuse is if we don’t raise to many glasses yet.
  • Cycle 7 is proving a fatigue inducing cycle, sleep and rest is taking over for a while, but we just have to work through this energy sapping, mood depriving period. Simons ability to try to fight his fatigue is something else but he now knows he needs to listen to his body.
  • The side effects of the chemo therapy accumulate as he works through the cycles, these chip away at his reserves and though he looks well he actually feels like shit! No he hasn’t lost his hair, thanks to the great weather his colour is good, but most of the day and night he is nauseous, fatigued, diarrhoea (not fun with a stoma) and he has splits in the skin on his hands and feet, all expected effects of the treatment but that doesn’t make this easy.
  • We are tired of this now, want to move on. We have in these weeks had some times that have made life worth while:
    • Simons family visited for a day, fabulous weather, drives on the moors, beautiful weather
      18 of my family for a BBQ, brilliant to have the house filled with noise and people
      My nieces wedding, a fabulous family celebration, Simon missed the service but conserved his energy for the evening

    Our families have been totally amazing, have provided support, food, gardening services, laughter and love.

    So, 7 days of cycle 7 left, a 7 day break in treatment and we will be starting cycle 8. We can do this, we will crack this.



    Soccer, Sun and cycle 6




    1. Steve Boot

      Hey you two, good to hear from you and to hear you still get the occasional wonderful times amongst the darkness of the chemo, You continue to amaze us with your strength and grit and we are still looking forward to celebrating with you in what is now only a short while. You are on the final bend approaching the home straight. See you at the winning line!

      Steve and Marie xx

      • Ali

        Thank you for the message, Simon said he text you did you get it or has he taken the wrong number down?

    2. Steve Boot

      No text received yet so Simon may have been outsmarted by his smart phone!

      • Ali

        One job! He had one job to do and he failed…….. meeting without coffee for him today.

    3. Bruce

      Keep going Simon – you can do it!

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