Soccer, Sun and cycle 6

Here is a thing, when you start a blog you have to keep going, however when you are with someone having chemo it’s difficult to say anything without repeating yourself. Eat, take pills, sleep, repeat, so we have had a pause in blogging until today. So let’s update you the day before cycle 6 starts, can I say that again….. we have hit cycle 6! Feels like 66 but 9 weeks left.

So how have things been, I hope I hear you cry! Simon is as ever surprising me and everyone else, he is, on the whole coping with chemo, tiredness is the thing that is dogging his life, when I say tiredness I do not mean feeling sleepy, or weary I mean he’s worn out! He will do things and then boom ……. I have told him when this hits it’s like he is wearing one of these and trying to walk around….

However, we have enjoyed times out with friends, walks and generally enjoyed the beautiful weather. We know that if he has a busy day we counter that with a quiet one. He has in the past few weeks ventured into work for a few hours a day and a couple of days a week, this has been a real tonic for him and has lifted his spirits and I have seen that amazing spark of brilliance he has when confronted with work. It has given us a taste of cancer freedom…..

What a treat this summer has been and it’s been a mood lifter. We have both had days when we have wanted to sit and do nothing but we live in a beautiful part of the country and with Dartmoor on our doorstep. We get in the car, even if it is for just an ice cream, and an ice cream is always a crowd pleaser! It also gives a certain person an excuse to wear a hat!

For Simons times at home the summer has bought a plethora of sport for him to watch, he’s loved the football, adored the tennis and now looking for the next thing to watch, which is currently watching the runner beans we are growing, there is an anticipation in waiting for the first crop to be picked.

In the next month we have a CT scan booked, this is a 3 monthly scan but the anxiety or scanxiety has already started. The fear of scans is something that everyone with cancer has and invades every rational part of your brain with irrational thoughts, mostly at night, where rational thoughts are far away. I wish I could take this away from Simon but the only thing that will alleviate his fears is a good result. We will, like most things, do this head on, with the quirky sense of humour we both possess.

So here we go, cycle 6, we are coming for you. TTFN


The beans and the stripes


The meaning of seven……


  1. HoneyC

    Missed your blogs but due to the fab weather and sporting events it’s been a very pleasant few months I’m sure for Simon albeit extreme tiredness but at least he could lie down and watch the tennis daily and kiss ball ⚽️ keep positive and look ahead – onwards and upwards – simon you’re defo going to put this C in the back of the net and bury it forever xx

  2. Steve and Marie Boot

    Hi Ali, another great post! We have missed hearing from you.
    Simon, it was really nice to see you (if only fleetingly) today (and be introduced to little Simon). You both looked really well. Glad we managed to sort out my proper phone number and I now look forward to hearing from you so we can catch up properly. Not too long to go now until you can put this all behind you. We continue to send you positive vibes every day.

    Steve and Marie xx

  3. Jane Melizan

    Thanks for the update. Best of luck with round 6. Your sense of humour and strength and positivity will see you through! We continue to think of you both.

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