The beans and the stripes

Firstly, a massive apology for the length of time since our last post. Things have been ticking a long and Simon is four days away from the half way mark in his chemo. I am sure he is going to add some spectacular prose to you when he reaches that point.

So, what have we been up to? Not a lot actually, I have been in work, and Simon has pottered! In amongst all this “stuff” that is going on we are blessed with so much around us. Firstly our garden. The garden this year is looking fabulous and Simons pride and joy is his lawn….. I can honestly say this gets a lot of attention, this comes via two routes when Simon feels able he will cut or Thomas (Simons nephew) who is Simons very able and patient apprentice but their work is paying off and when cut, the stripes are quite outstanding!

We are also watching our runner beans and plants grow, these are little things but it has been a welcome distraction.

The second thing that keeps us on our toes are our cats (Bertie and Derek!), these two keep Simon company whilst I am out, Bertie is Simons shadow and they are company and entertainment beyond belief. We possibly didn’t think they were such a good thing when Bertie presented a live mouse in our bedroom at 02:45 this morning but on the whole they are great.

The chemo is chipping away at Simon reserves, and he has to take time to rest, this is frustrating for him but the exhaustion is pretty extreme. The nausea comes in waves and trying to keep Simon and Little Simon on the straight and narrow is a challenge. He was watching the football this afternoon and when I went to see him this is what I found ….

He stayed like this for three hours and I eventually woke him as he needed to eat and have the next lot of chemo. Even though the halfway point in this sounds a milestone we know the hardest half is to come. We have a focus on this now as Linda our lovely Cancer Nurse Specialist from Basingstoke has called to see how Simon was and talk about his stoma reversal. They want to do this prior to Christmas so we can kick this year out and everything we have had to go through, this was such a positive call for us and something that focuses our minds when we struggle to see the positive.

Anyway, onwards and upwards! Bring on the second half, we are coming to get you! TTFN


Cycle 3 – ‘God save the Queen’


Soccer, Sun and cycle 6


  1. Steve Boot

    Hello you two. We have missed you! Don’t worry Simon yesterday afternoon football did that to me too. Just keep on doing what you are doing it will soon be time for a proper poo! 🙂

    • Ali

      I have told Simon to contact you this week to set a date to meet up for a coffee.

      • Steve Boot

        Hi Simon and Ali. Really quiet down your bearing. Hope all continues to go well What comes after the steak knives 🙂

        We think of you every day and continue to send you positive vibes

        Steve and Marie.

  2. Angie ellis

    Missing all our updates, but understand not always possible , luv to you both x

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