Silence isn’t always golden

It’s a marker in this blog then when there is gaps in the blog posts that you will usually hear from me first and then Simons literal prose will return. I am sure this will prod him back into life…..

We are day 6 of chemo and Simon has not had up and down days but more like up and down hours. He will be fine one minute and then suddenly it’s like the proverbial Duracell bunny has had their batteries removed. The side effects are strange, facial flushing, exhaustion, nausea….. and so on. We know that these will increase and between bouts of side effects he is relatively normal (if you can say that about my darling Simon). As I am writing this he is cooking dinner, it’s quite concerning when from the kitchen you hear “You may well smell some burning”. Simon is an exceptional cook and I didn’t see one of the side effects could be that all culinary skills leave you.

Simon did in fact start to write a blog a few days ago, it was all about his fear of dying, this blog is half written and I know that fear itself has stopped his writing as he cannot at present face that discussion. It’s something we talked about but only briefly, on our way to Basingstoke we had a conversation about funeral plans, whilst we entertained ourselves on music choices there was a darkness to this conversation neither of us want to face and are facing. However by the smell coming from the kitchen and my dinner cooking maybe I should have given him details of my wishes…….

The Boss will be back to giving you his usual take on dealing with his disease, just please bear with us.


Cycle 1 – Day1 – ‘The first steps’


Cycle 1 – Day 11 “The Singing Detective’


  1. Gill

    Hi Ali, That’s really strange….. I’ve got a half written blog about Dying as well! I really admire your Simon and how he copes with everything that is thrown at him. I have colon cancer but the spread was too great and I wasn’t offered surgery, just chemotherapy every fortnight. Waiting for my latest scan results at the moment, so have my fingers firmly crossed! Glad Simon is cooking for you this evening, it helps take the mind off ‘other things’! All the best to you both.

    Gill x

  2. Steve Boot

    Hey you two, good to hear from you, that was a long interlude but everyone will understand and we look forward to reading more from Simon soon. Thinking about you both often and sending our love and best wishes. xx

  3. Mel

    Still with you both but not for dinner lol. I have a task for Simon, one he is usually good at. Rosie and I need a team name for this years relay for life. Members will hopefully include The Navy, Interserve, ESS and Babcock so get your thinking hats on.

  4. Angie ellis

    Thinking of you both, always xx

  5. Rosemary and Francis Polglase

    Good to hear from you Ali….and we look forward to reading Simons update when he is feeling more like his usual self. Thinking of you both xx

  6. Tracey Bentley

    Hope you’re ok this morning Ali, after eating Simon’s cooking. Was it his specialty cottage pie by any chance? Keep going Simon, you are doing amazingly well, wish there was more we could do to help. Oh and we have missed your posts! xx

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