Tomorrow is looming

Morning! You haven’t heard from me for a while but I felt the need to write.

It’s been a week since we saw the oncologist and tomorrow is “D-day”, the tablets sit in a plastic box in the kitchen, we know this will take its toll on Simon (and Little S) and we are as ready as we can be.

I have been able to change my leave days so I am at home for the next two days so we are able to start this phase together.

Yesterday I laid out what the next 24 weeks should look like, all being well this will stay as planned. Last time the chemo affected Simons liver and blood profile that we had to delay two of the cycles. Somehow this laid out is comforting but frightening. Not wanting to wish our life away or anything but I’ve always loved the month of September.

Simons recovery from surgery has been remarkable, those that know him will know how driven he is, and he has been determined to recover well. Physically he has been great but we have had dark times that have crept into the house like a moorland fog, at these times (and that’s for both of us) we instinctively know when to talk to each other and when to give the other one space. Shoulder to shoulder, hand in hand and day by day, it’s the only way.

Over the next 24 weeks my chore list for Simon will have to be slightly more inventive. Depending on how he is feeling and with a fair wind and fair weather I may get the grass cut and gardening done or just emptying the dishwasher will be enough.

So chemo we are as ready as we can be, 24 weeks, 1120 tablets, we are coming for you and we are going to nail it!!


‘The day of reckoning’


Cycle 1 – Day1 – ‘The first steps’


  1. Steve Boot

    Hey you two; we missed you! On a positive note I received my first Shortsharpscratch email today (does that mean no steak knives).
    We have been watching the calendar closely knowing the next phase in your recovery starts tomorrow and we are sending you the most positive thoughts possible. From tomorrow, every day is one day less to go until chemo completion. You two are an inspiration! Stay strong and call if there is anything we can do. Love and best wishes. Steve and Marie xx

    • Ali

      Sorry you missed out on the steak knives, you get a teaspoon now though! Thank you for your continued support x

  2. HoneyC

    I have been thinking of you both but Simon mainly throughout his journey – you will both be in my thoughts tomorrow when the next phase starts – onwards and upwards simon, stay strong, positive and remember all your friends and family are right behind you to kick this badass C into touch !!!! Ali you know where I am if you ever need a glass of Ned xx 😘

  3. Mel

    Keep going guys you are amazing thoughts with you both. Chore number 1 feed the cats x

  4. Lorraine

    Hi Ali and Simon – been catching up on all the Blogs today – brilliantly written! I will be thinking of you tomorrow as you start the next phase of kicking out the cancer! Lots of love Lorraine and kitties xxx

  5. Charlotte Edmonds

    Hey guys finally caught up on your roller coaster of a ride. Best of luck and big hugs for the next stage. Keep kicking ass! X Charlotte x

  6. Stuart

    Good luck to you both

  7. Rosemary and Francis Polglase

    Just read your blog Ali…..thank you….you have both been our our thoughts today….we hope Simon hasn’t found today too difficult. We will be with him and you every step of the way. Love to you both xx

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