I watch you sleeping……

There is a moment every morning that I am always awake before Simon, either I am getting up for work or one of the cats has leapt onto the bed. There is a peace about the house and a peacefulness about Simon. Nights are a place where the darkness can seem long and your sleep disturbed by dreams that you don’t want, but by daybreak Simons peaceful sleep is apparent and I get the chance to watch over him. This is one part of a day that I have Simon to myself, where cancer is not sat between us or on our minds and that for a moment I am not worried or thinking “are you ok, are you in pain, how are you”. I just watch this man that I love and just love him a little bit more. This is my moment every day.

Cancer is a dark fog that can creep between you, around you and invade everything, don’t let it, You need to give yourselves time to be that person you were, that couple you were. I indulge myself in the peace of this part of the day where I dare to dream.


Day 32 – ‘The beast from the East’


Day 34 – ‘Spring in my step’


  1. Tracey HoneyC

    I know that feeling well Ali when Daryl went through his bladder cancer – 5 tumours later and a different chemotherapy and he’s fit and well again – I can remember watching him sleep in the morning soundly, instead of watching his face in turmoil and now I watch him snoring his head off and doing impressions of Darth Vader !!!!

    Onwards and upwards Ali and soon your Simon will be doing impersonations of farmyard animals – he will do this with you by his side xx

    Keep strong my friend xx 💋

  2. Pauline williams

    Oh Ali, that breaks my heart You are such a strong woman and carry on with day to day life and behind that exterior is a caring loving woman who just wants her man to be well. Xxx

  3. Karen Johnson

    Beautifully put Ali. They say ‘you don’t know how strong you are until being strong is your only choice’ x

  4. Angie ellis

    Ali beautiful words from a strong lovely wife , keep strong and having such an amazing sense of humour xxx

  5. I remember doing that so well Ali. You’re doing so well stay strong, you’re amazing but it does take its toil. I’m always around if you want to talk, cry or yell. Sometimes you need to let it all out xx

  6. Steve Boot

    Hi Ali, awesome, heartfelt post which brought tears to our eyes. We love how strong you are for each other. Keep on fighting this together; you have lots of supporters too.
    Steve and Marie xx

  7. Jennie Wills

    God love and bless you Ali, always in my thoughts n prayers xxx😘

  8. Mark Bullard

    What lovely word Ali. Simon is very lucky to have you. You are a wonderful team and that is what marriage is all about.

  9. Mel Gwynn

    Wow Ali that was straight from the heart ❤️ you are both so strong and together you will and are beating it. Sending hugs xx

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