Day 24 – ‘A grand day out’

Spontaneity for doing things is not something that I currently enjoy ‘oh here we go, sympathy seeking again’ – no,no I’m not moaning it’s merely a statement of fact. A pre op Simon (got to stop saying this, sounds like I have had gender reassignment) could decide on a whim to jump in the car and drive to the nearest village or further afield to do whatever, of course there will always be the normal functional considerations that everyone has to think about but following major surgery and moreover nursing a stoma these require deeper consideration.

MrsC says it is akin to traveling with an oversize toddler. I am sure that she said that before all this, in which case I am dismissing her view on this occasion.

Mobilising myself in the morning is still taking around an hour from getting up from bed, shaving, showering, bag maintenance, breakfast and dressing. This needs to get slicker, I certainly wouldn’t be welcome in a formula 1 team as a tyre changer at present.

It’s the simple tasks that you take for granted, like tying shoes or putting on boxer shorts.

Out of all the simple tasks putting on shoes is the singular most difficult and painful. Sitting on stair no.3 in the hall I can just about manage to put said shoes on feet with the support of a shoe horn but raising my legs and feet to anywhere approaching an angle by which laces can be tied has me writhing in pain like somebody was picking me up by my belly button. The temporary solution could be my ‘slip on’ Italian chisel toe’d brogues or alternatively there is allways a pair of Velcro shoes. No way

I’m sure the only Velcro shoes I’m going to find have ‘Minnions’ or ‘Iron man’ on them in the children’s section. Needs must I suppose .

So today is my first proper ‘day out’ , day out as opposed to a fleeting trip to the Doctors or the village shop . Day out as in stretching the psychological umbilical from home farther than it had been tested since I have been discharged from hospital.

This was going to be a real test, in the car for an hour and a half each way, followed by a short walk ‘in town’ before another hour and a half journey back home.

The reason for the journey was to get a haircut at No.8 Hairdressing in Truro. This is a part of my recovery, part of getting back to normality. I am looking forward to this. Pampering, yes please.

As well as ensuring that I had taken on sufficient fluids and calories , the other priority was the output from the stoma. I am beginning to settle into a ‘battle rhythm’ with Little Simon now, if he behaves as expected by my reckoning if I empty him before we leave I should be good for the journey down.

There is always the possibility of an unexpected ‘leakage’ so a spare bag in the ‘man bag’ is a must along side some anti bac wipes and isotonic fluids.

Suddenly having to know there is public toilet nearby becomes a necessity, almost obsessive, this is common from what I have read on many stoma forums. Thankfully there are a some really good apps around that can point you in the direction of the nearest facilities quicker than you can say ‘diarrhoea’

One of the mistakes many people make at this stage of the recovery from surgery is ‘my external scar has healed, so the inside must be as well’

I can understand why, and have to admit to being sorely tempted to lift and shift various things about the house, however the fact that I am still unable to put on a pair of shoes is demonstration enough that all things internal have not healed. The reality is that 3 weeks post op internally things are very much still healing. To compromise this at this stage would be disastrous and potentially delay my adjunctive chemotherapy.

As ever No.8 were fabulous. Kirsty, Sue & Claire look after me soo well and to get gifts as well was a real unexpected treat.

Despite being driven by MrsC there and back getting back on home turf I was ready for my afternoon siesta. Afternoon sleeps, oh god this reminds me of chemo fatigue. I’ve got all that to look forward to.


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  1. Rosemary and Francis Polglase

    So glad you survived your day out…and looking good that’s for sure xx

  2. Steve Boot

    Nice haircut Simon. You actually look really well. Who knew a trip to the barbers could be such an adventure but part of the recovery process I guess. Have a look at this website for some awesome shoes.

    Let us know if you need anything.

  3. Angie Ellis

    Glad you enjoyed your day out, I think post op you underestimate how tired you will be, my hubby had heart surgery just over 12 months ago, and he struggled with not being able to get out and just walk, it’s quite hard to accept, he’s a golfer and thank goodness his op was the week before Xmas, big hugs to you both, your blogs bring me to tears one minute and spitting out my coffee and bursting in to giggles next xx

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