Day 23 – ‘Breath in’

Back at the doctors today for further investigation into why I am getting pain on eating any food or drink. To my surprise staring at me at the top of the pile of magazines was a copy of ‘Autoexpress’. Can this be a coincidence? Has somebody from the surgery read my blog? Either way I’m not complaining.

The coughers and sneezers had disappeared as well, although as a substitute annoyance these were replaced by a woman listening to a talking book on her phone at full volume.

Sometimes we British are so, well British. Everybody in the waiting room is sat there pretending they can’t hear it, staring aimlessly into space or at each other’s shoe’s whilst all the time fantasising about leaping across the room snatching it out of her hand and stamping on it on the floor in a Basil Fawlty styley, but of course we don’t.

The consultation with my GP was thorough, efficient and comprehensive, once again I am thankful to receive quality care. Followed by a ‘full set of bloods’ we’ll see what’s going on on Friday when we get the results.

My current predicament reminds me of my first car, a trusty Vauxhall Chevette, one day it starting running ‘roughly’, sounding like a bag of spanners it was losing power, grunting & parping, the exhaust tried to give me clues by producing plumes of white smoke . It turned out to be the head gasket.

I’m pretty sure my head gasket is fine, and as yet I’m not producing any white smoke from my exhaust, but I’m grunting and parping & losing power. We shall see.

My gentleman’s abdominal support arrived today (panty girdle by another name). It has been on all day and apart from speaking 2 octaves higher there would appear to be no adverse side effects.

I have to say I remain to be convinced that tucking the stoma bag inside said device will not hinder its operation or cause a leakage. I shall be wearing it in bed tonight, wish me luck, this could go one of two ways…


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  1. Steve Boot

    Two octaves higher must mean only dogs can hear you! Was expecting (but not hoping for) more revealing pic of your Bridget Jones pants. I hope you enjoyed the pasty yesterday and it was without incident. Had coffee with JR today; he sends best wishes and reminder he can arrange “specialist cleans” at what he calls reasonable rates. Ahh, Vauxhall Chevette …. .. Class! Malcolm Pollock also sends his regards (marvellous).

  2. Tracey HoneyC

    Hope the man panty girdle worked ? And little Simon is behaving himself – thinking of you both xxx

    • Simon

      Jury is still out on the ‘manty girdle’ is this what wearing tights is like. Going for a wee takes me 10 mins just to get through the layers!

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