Team Cowls

I owe so much of my progress to Ali, unwavering care, my emotional crutch, and a fine match for my dark & mostly inappropriate humour.

She has been here along side me throughout, living every second.

She will also be the one that manages the aftershock in the coming weeks, which is guaranteed to be a mixture of highs as well as lows.

Together we are a formidable team that never shies away from a challenge


Day 6 – ‘No pain, no gain’


Day 7 – ‘On the bottle’


  1. Tracey HoneyC

    Definitely a formidable team and both have a great sense of humour x don’t worry about ali in the forthcoming weeks Simon, she’s got broad shoulders x ali you need to do more crocheting – my scarf looks like a hanky 🙄 xx

  2. Pauline williams

    She certainly is a force to contend with and busy crocheting you a pea green willy warmer!!!!!

  3. Joy

    That’s true love that is. Mind you not being biased in anyway but she has been amazing and I’m sure she will continue to help you back to full health. Xx

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