Day 7 and the gradual improvement combined with weening off of medical support continues.

My previously well used central line gets less and less as the latest bedfellow to be removed is the Total Parental Nutrition (TPN). I was slightly nervous about the early removal of this source of nutritional goodness from my body as to-date the minuscule amount I was struggling to manage to eat didn’t seem anywhere near enough.

But these people know what they are doing and exchanging a gloopy milky liquid with something tangible is always a winner in my book.

The good news is Jelly Babies are most definitely ‘on the menu’, yes indeed. They are also so versatile in terms of what you can do with them…

Boiled jelly babies, fried Jelly babies, jelly babies in a white wine sauce, sous vide jelly babies, The list is just endless. Who new

‘To pee or not to pee, that is the question’

When they said they wanted to measure my TWOC today my initial thoughts were ‘I may be on Fentanyl but Taking Cars Without The Owners Consent is just wrong, period‘ once again I totally misinterpreted the situation. Too much watching of Police Interceptors methinks.

Of course TWOC is ‘Testing WithOut Catheter’ duh, course it is….

Ah, ha I thought, it’s that day as well.

I learnt that the catheter is always kept in for a day after epidural removal, although the exact reason why escapes me.

As ever I have my usual catheter neurosis – ‘what if I can’t pee’ , ‘what if I can pee and can’t stop it?’

Thankfully precisely 2 hours following removal yours truly completed ‘first pee’

Pleased to say normal urinary output has matched catheterised volumes, now peeing like a racehorse all day. All is good