Machines, pumps and all things HDU

I am sorry if some people will not approve of this photo, but this is what to expect from a visit to HDU. The big bonus for us was that Simon was woken up post op and so was taken to HDU and not ITU. There was a list of machines etc, so here’s the list of what Simon had (please read this list to the time of 12 days of Christmas in your head):

1 Epidural, 1 PCA (patient controlled analgesia), 1 catheter, 1 NG tube, 1 central line, 1 arterial line, oxygen, heart monitor, 4 drains, 1 stoma and 46 staples on abdominal wound! Phew! It’s quite a list but everything is initially essential. When you arrive in the department you will see that you will have 1 nurse to two patients, thank you Joanne and Laura for fabulous care.

Everything on this part of recovery is about pain control and stabilisation and everything was explained to us both. We had a few difficult hours, pain control being the first but teams were in hand to assist, the second was a very dramatic reaction to one of the drugs administered. This is not a place of rest, and was exhausting for the pair of us but we worked our escape route and Simon escaped back to C2 Ward after 24hrs.


The end of a long day…..


Less is more…..


  1. Thank you for keeping us updated Ali – sending you both hugs and strength xx

  2. Angie ellis

    Looks like he’s making amazing progress xx

  3. Pauline williams

    Wow! He does not do things by half does he!! Impressive medical stuff going on. Pleased to hear he is is doing well and that you are keeping your sanity !! Xx

  4. Tracey HoneyC

    This makes me smile tonight and have a little Ned xxx I had faith in Simon throughout – proud of my Cornish friend lol xxx Ali you’re doing a marvellous job – it must be exhausting but you’re a star xxxxx

    • Ali

      I’m glad he is well enough to write the blog from now on. He is doing brilliantly xx

  5. Carol Myrtle Hollett

    Hi, Ali

    I don’t know you or Simon and I hope Simon is doing OK now after his op.

    I just wanted to thank you for posting the photo. I am due to have a similar op next month and hubby and I have been trying to get our heads around what hdu and all the machines that go ping look like.

    Thanks again, and my best wishes to you both.


    • Ali

      Dear Carol, are you going to Basingstoke for your surgery?
      We had everything explained to us the night before surgery and so we knew what to expect. The team in the unit were amazing and very reassuring to us both. Good luck with the surgery and if we can help with info etc then let us know. Xx

      • Carol Myrtle Hollett

        Hi, Ali. I am “Up North” and my Macmillan Nurse is going to organise for me to go in and meet the HDU team beforehand, but in the meantime, our minds have been going around in circles with all the wires and tubes and drains I have been promised, which is identical to Simon apart from the number of drains. When they mentioned HDU, my eyes almost popped out of my head. I know I am in safe hands, but my mind has been doing somersaults. Thanks again xxxx

        • Ali

          It’s a very scary time but they will look after you. Some units will get your family to fill out a diary, I did this so Simon knew what happened and when. You will be in safe hands. X

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