Less is more…..

48 hours post op and Simon is in the chair (his natural habitat for those that work with him) As you can see whilst still attached to quite a bit less is definitely more! They appear to like taking your blood…….. this is when the central line is a real bonus.

Biggest problem for Simon today is he wants to eat! Anyone that know Simon will know he loves to eat and this is purgatory for him, the nursing staff have not known anyone want to eat so quickly after surgery but we know he is a one off.

Someone was cooking toast and he was off!! This picture just shows the grit and determination he has. Yes we have a way to go, but my god we are going to get there!


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  1. Tracey HoneyC

    Simon you are doing amazingly xx I know the worse thing must be difficult in not eating but honestly I wish someone would make me not eat !!!!! Xxx thinking of you both constantly xx

  2. Pauline williams

    IncredibleI!!! Well done simon! Xxx

  3. Absolutely amazing to see that determination – Cornish kick ass ! xx

  4. Rosemary and Francis Polglase

    Amazing to see …keep it up Simon….with you every step of the way and sending lots of love 😘Xx

  5. Mark Bullard

    Heck that is one mega man bag! Cannot believe how well your doing, keep it up. Good to see the hospital ordered some new gowns complete with a back this time, or have you just put the same one on the wrong way round. Lol

  6. Cath W

    Well done Simon, up and about so quickly!!!!
    It must be very hard work but I am sure you will get there!

  7. Jane Oliver

    You are outstanding Simon. I can’t believe how well you are doing. You will soon be eating that toast. Xxxx

  8. Karen Anderton

    Super impressive Mr C!! You deserve that toast! Thanks for the updates xxx

  9. Steve Staunton

    Good to see everything is progressing well, wishing you all the best in this part of your journey. Let me know when you well enough to accept visitors and I will pop over – assume “Grapes” are off the menu lol

    • Ali

      Thank you, Simon will be well enough for visitors next week but will let you know. I eat grapes but luckily for me Simon never has.

  10. Karen Johnson

    Sir, I salute you! You are nothing short of brilliant. Your determination is to be admired. Much love as always xx

  11. Sarah Brown

    Your a total star Simon xxx

  12. Andrew Rowe

    Awesome Simon, you’re doing brilliantly. You both are. What an inspiration to us all. Xxx

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