The end of a long day…..

So it started with a bare bottom and ended with a chariot race. Simon loves to be centre of attention and this is the proof whilst he was being moved from theatres to HDU.

The surgery went well, and after an 8 hour anaesthetic he is remarkable tonight. The annoying little bugger that had to be removed today didn’t want to come out and so acting like a Klingon “attached itself to the starboard bowel” (did you see what I did there!) This Klingon has resulted in Simon having a temporary stoma, well, he was always partial to a man bag and now he has one. This is a minor set back and one that will see him back in theatre again to reverse it in approx 2 months but it’s one we will deal with. Then he had this “chemo-wash”, so this is like putting a load of tights and socks in a bowl of hot soapy water and hand washing them! That the only analogy I can give!!

He was awake and chatting tonight, I am not sure how much he will remember tomorrow, but that’s enough for me. This day is over and tomorrow is day 1 of recovery.

Thank you so much everyone, family, friends, work colleagues and the stars of today the Basingstoke Team led by Mr Cecil.


The longest day….


Machines, pumps and all things HDU


  1. Rachel


  2. Tracey Bentley

    Thank God that’s over and went well. Been thinking about you both all day. X

  3. Mark Harris

    Great update Ali, are you crocheting a cover for the new “bag”.

  4. Tracey HoneyC

    Absolutely brilliant Ali – try and get some rest tonight and tomorrow tell that hubby of yours he’s a star ⭐️ xx knew he could do it xx and thank you to all the fabulous surgeons at Basingstoke 😄😄 xx

  5. Mark Bullard

    Hi Ali, thank you for letting us all know that Simon is out of theatre and only after 8 hours which is quicker than was expected. I am sure you are also exhausted from a stressful day. Well done both of you

  6. Pauline Williams

    Wow!! I’m amazed he was awake. That’s incredible especially after all he has been through!!! Loved the “star trek” analogy!!!! We’ll have to start calling you Lt Uhura!!! Hope he has a good night and that you can look towards his recovery. Sleep well. Xxx

  7. Rosemary and Francis Polglase

    Thank you for tonight’s update… very glad the op went well. …now as you say tomorrow is the start day of recovery….well done Simon….you are a star. Sleep well tonight Ali…sending lots of love to you both xx

  8. Liam mcsweeney

    That’s great news, phew! Send him our best wishes from Corsham.

  9. Amanda hancock

    Love the blog Simon 🙂 please give my best wishes to Simon Amanda and Steve H.

  10. Stuart

    Thanks for the update , pass on my best to Simon

  11. Paul W

    I was driving to Tesco this evening to fill up my car, I look up and see a full moon and my first thought is Simon. What’s that all about? You look after that man bag bud, you don’t get those buggers in Gucci.


    Trust him to be awkward! 😂
    Glad to hear he’s doing ok and thanks for the updates Ali.
    Much love x x

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