So this is it, I’m up,showered,gowned and being lead to theatre.

A distinct lack of witty repartee from me this morning, my comedic juices have abandoned me at this point and instead been taken hostage by ‘Dementors’ .(to be expected I suppose)

Denial of privileges over the next few days whilst I’m out with the fairies in ICU. Mrs C will be my ghost writer . The blog is in safe hands!

Bring it on. I’m coming to get ya!


‘T-minus 1 day’


The longest day….


  1. Pauline Williams

    Ooh cheeky!!!!! Keep the dementors at bay. Show them your wand!!!! Xxx

  2. Tracey HoneyC

    Cheeky 😏 lol 😂

  3. Julie Groom

    Fantastic pic!!! Keeping you in my thoughts 💭 x Great blog, stay positive XXX

  4. Nice arse 🙂 Did you get a spray tan ? x Sending you and Ali hugs, strength and positive energy xx

  5. Trehill8@hotmail.com

    Peachy! Recon a calendar is your next move bud. Thinking of you both xx

  6. Mark Bullard

    It is strange to think that at this moment as i write, you are laid out on a ops table and Alison is watching the clock tick by (probably very slowly). We all wait to hear how you are. We also thank the staff looking after you. My limited experience of the NHS is a first class service. Without being too Godly (i know this can put people off) i am praying for you, and the skills and gifts of the wonderful NHS workers have in order to heal you.
    I would say bottoms up, but looking at your picture it appears you have already done that. By the way i think Mel has made that pic her screen saver pic.

    • Ali

      Thank you Mark for your message. It’s been a very surreal day and hasn’t finished yet. I hope to hear something in the next few hours. Tell Mel she has great taste!!

  7. Rosemary and Francis Polglase

    You have been in our thoughts all day…which for Ali I’m sure is a very long one. Look forward to an update at some point…we know you are in safe hands. sending lots of positive vibes and love to you Simon and of course to Ali who is your rock xx

  8. sarah smith

    Stunning outlook Simon 😀 Been thinking of you all all day xxx

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